Saturday 20 October 2007

Question: Should I not feed Raw Food because of Salmonella?

I have been feeding raw chicken and pork for at least 10 years. My dogs or my family have never had any problems. Of course I wash my hands and counter tops. I believe that a dogs digestive tract is much shorter than ours and the food is not in their system long enough to cause a problem. Not to be gross but consider how they can lick their butt and not get sick. Raw feeding takes some time for us to get used to in the beginning. Keep in the back of your mind that if dogs were in the wild what would they be eating?

I have a very itchy Collie. Tried everything the Vet suggested even the prednisone. No improvement. Someone mentioned Tavist for itching. Well , it has really helped. My dog has itchy elbows and back. The Vet told me it could not be food related because food allergy always show up on the face not the rest of the body. His face is fine. Well, I did kind of an elimination diet and Beef is the big cause of his itchiness. I am sure there are environmental things working on him too but with the Tavist and no beef he hardly ever scratches and his elbows are growing back the hair.