Saturday 8 September 2007

Hypo Allergenic Dog Biscuits

It can be a great deal of stress if your dog has developed an allergy to their food. Like most dog owners you want nothing more than to give the best to your dog and not feed him something that will make your dog sick. You might have heard of hypo allergenic dog biscuits. You will be happy to find that there are hypo allergenic dog biscuits out there because 20% of dogs have food allergies of some sort.

Maybe you have thought about it and you would like to try making your own hypoallergenic dog biscuits. If you look online you will find many recipes for dogs with allergies. If you like to cook, then this will be fun because you now get to cook for not only yourself and your family but also you will be cooking biscuits for your dog. You will have your dog sitting in front of you giving his little paw motions and his sideways looks at you asking in his little dog movements: “Is it done yet?”

These very nutritious dog biscuits are usually wheat free with no salt, sugary, corn or any type of other ingredients in them that are added preservatives. If you have a little Chihuahua there are hypo allergenic dog biscuits available in his/her size or maybe you have a pit bull, no need to worry because they are also hypo allergenic dog biscuits for your pit bull or any other dog breed.

By now you are glad to hear that there are enough hypo allergenic dog biscuits out there in the market today available for your dog. You do not have to constantly have that stress and worry about your dog having dog food allergies or gaining weight. You can even get your dog a heart shaped biscuit if that is what you want to do. When it comes down to rather you cook the dog biscuits or buy it from a market you can count on your dog licking his chops and begging you to give him more of those dog biscuits because he won’t even notice the difference, but he will notice that he will be a lot healthier and happier if he eats hypo allergenic dog biscuits.