Monday 10 September 2007

Aloe Vera Helps Stop Redness in Dog Allergies

If your dog develops skin allergies or yeast, one of the primary culprit is the dog food. If your moving from place to place, your dog might also develop bacterial allergies from the different carpeting. This would make his allergies become worse. Obvious symptoms include redness and itching, which results in uncomfortable situations for your dog.

Try pouring Aloe Vera Juice or Gel to your dog or pet. Rub it in around his neck, feet, paws and belly. Don't use artificial or fake aloe vera juice but the real juice from the aloe vera plant. You can buy the clear or the yellow tinted juice or gel from different health food store or pet store. The aloe vera makes a huge difference. The redness although not totally cleared out will be lessened. Do this a few times a week and don't let him lick on it.